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Jade Catherine

*** Hello, and warm greetings to whoever you are! ***
Assuming that you want to know something about me...
I'm a 25-year old graduate student in chemical engineering, I'm from northern Minnesota but currently in Davis, CA, I'm ecstatically married to the most wonderful person on earth.

And, when I feel like it (which is common) and have time (which is rare), I dress like this.

Why? It's fun! Why is it fun? I'll try to explain.

I'm also one of those icky nasty Christians, thanks be to God!

Photo album:
flowers... denim... dressed to dance... the rest
Photo index, in chronological order

Random biographical notes.

...I have other interests, too, believe it or not!

Feel free to write me!

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We end on a philisophical note...
"You're not going crazy, you're going sane in a crazy world!" - The Tick