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My wife is also a 26 year old techie; she is a graduate student in physics, an amateur writer (perhaps to be professional someday), and an expert horsewoman. She knows all about Jade and thinks that I am cute. She provides desperately needed help with makeup, hair, etc., although she is a tomboy herself. Her first and best friend is Jesus, and I am her second. She introduced me to Star Trek; I introduced her to roleplaying. Our personalities fit hand-in-glove; many a night of sleep have been lost because we couldn't stop talking to one another. She is achingly, unspeakably beautiful. I could go on about her forever.

This picture is about 6 years old, but she hasn't changed much. Curious about her birthmark?

We are madly, permanently, hopelessly in love with one another. We were married in May 1993. We are inseperable and openly affectionate; friends, aquaintances, and perfect strangers often shout at us, "Get a room!" We are childish and playful together, and would not be any other way.

And NO, you can't have her! I hope I haven't inspired any of you to murder me in envy. My intention is to give her the credit she is due, and to inspire those of you not yet attached to hold out for someone with whom you can drop all pretense and be absolutely, utterly yourself, completely at home.

Here we are together...

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