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These are in vaguely chronological order, over about a 2-year span. Practice makes... well, better, anyway. Stars represent a sort of 1 star - 4 star rating. (In my own opinion...)

Black shirt, floral vest*

Burgundy blouse, long crinkly floral skirt**

White blouse, checkered miniskirt*

White blouse, great friend!***

Burgundy blouse, jeans***

White blouse, short b/w checkered pleated skirt**

Green/black shirt over black shell, ponytail on side***

white floral print dress, before pig sculpture**

same dress, before piano***

same dress, in grass (main page photo)****

green formal gown, closeup***

same gown***

black shirt, rose in hair****

stretch denim minidress, burgundy hose***

same dress, windblown hair***

same dress, black cat***

same dress, hair styled****

same dress, legs crossed***

short floral dress, from behind*** (admittedly that's cheating)

Funny little red cocktail dress***

Leather jacket over same dress***

Red business suit***

Same suit, with my beloved***

Misty (Nick at Nite dress) and me (short floral dress)***
(A big photo, stored at Misty's site)

Same dress, teenybopper ponytail-on-top look****

Melanie's silver skirt, white turtleneck***

green checkered dress, black leather jacket**

tan turtleneck, black knee-length skirt***

ribbed top, black knee-length skirt**

same, face-only shot**

maroon tee, short print skirt****

long-sleeved tee, jeans****

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