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Oh yeah, I have some other interests, too...

I read ravenously, especially history. (Here's a neat history site.) My favorite authors include C. S. Lewis and Lois McMaster Bujold. I backpack. I play role-playing games, especially FUDGE. (Grey Ghost Games carries some FUDGE supplies.) (What the heck, you can even get transgendered in your RPGs.) I've only done a little bit of live-action roleplaying, but I am presently having a lot of fun sewing my own Renaissance costume. (another Ren costume site") I've more or less avoided computer game addiction, with the exception of Civilization. I ride horses (not so well yet, my beloved is still training me.) I speak German (about as well as the Babelfish does) and Esperanto. I've studied a little Spanish and Swahili, too, but to say I speak them would be a gross exaggeration. I play the trombone badly. I raise turtles (and we have two gorgeous tiny babies! Oooh!) (see Yahoo "turtle" link) I despise rape. I am alum of the well-known Massachvsetts Institvte of Tepnology, where I lived at a wonderful place called TEP. I am a shameless nerd.

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