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Sadly, being ecstatically married does not make me an expert on how other people can best relate to their families. Truth is, having it so easy makes me the worst person to ask! Still, people do ask me for advice about how to deal with their wives and families. Fortunately, there are some folks on the net more clueful than me. Candy's SO page - pretty complete list of links
Dara and Dana - very upbeat, I like that.
Liz's advice
Melissa + Kath
TG SO forum - a message board sort of place for SOs to talk

Haven't examined them yet:
Vanessa and Linda Kaye
Kath's page

The Wives/SO support list:
Can be subscribed to by sending email to LISTSERV@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM. The message should say only:
SUBSCRIBE CDSO "first name" "last name"

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