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Is that your real hair?
Yes. Thanks for noticing!

May I link to your page?
Please do. The more exposure, the better. Shout it from the rooftops!

Will you link to mine?
Probably not. I haven't had much time to maintain a link page. Once, I tried keeping a link page to everybody I knew, but it was an insane task. Besides, what use is a page with links to four hundred random transgendered people?
Actually, it could be very useful - if it were meticulously organized and annotated, so that people could use it to quickly find pages that were relevant to them. If I ever get time to make such a page, it would be great. But don't hold your breath.
I will make exceptions for pages with unique usefulness to my page's visitors. If you reveal the secret to permanently and cheaply removing facial hair using only a Tesla coil, a meat thermometer, and a They Might Be Giants album, contact me immediately.
I am very interested in keeping tabs on webpages of transgendered Christians. That's what the TG-Christians webring is for.

You haven't updated your page since the Late Bronze Age. Are you OK? Have you been trampled to death by a herd of Pez-crazed weasels? ?
Silly Netizen, of course I'm OK. I'm a busy woman! The burst of vanity that gave me energy to make my page has long since worn off. Trust me - I'm happy and healthy and all is well.

My wife doesn't like my crossdressing. What can I do?
or I'm afraid my wife wouldn't like it.
Click here.

Can you reccommend any books about the transgendered?
Um... not really. I haven't even read most of the books that are supposed to be good. Sorry; I'm normally a very literary person, but I find theoretical discussions about transgenderism tiresome, especially if they're carried to book length. The ideal theoretical treatment of crossdressing, in my opinion, is two words long: "It's fun!"
Still, if you've got your heart set on reading about it, try and enter some keyword searches like "crossdressing".
And, if you're specifically looking for something related to Christianity, I do reccommend Vanessa S.'s book.

How should I do my makeup?
This is a question a little like "How do you walk a tightrope?" It's just something you have to learn how to do.
That said, I do have some suggestions, if you're a beginner.
1. Practice! That's really the big one. I looked *AWFUL* when I started out. If you think I still look awful, keep it to yourself! ;) Practice makes perfect, and besides, it's fun. Just try things. Not necessarily when you're going to do a full performance, either. It won't seem like you're getting better right away, but over months and years, practice makes a big difference.
2. Get help. Probably the help of a real female. Wife? Girlfriend? Female friend with a good sense of humor? You can probably think of someone who would have fun helping you out, and even a genuine tomboy is likely to be able to help a lot. Psychiatric research has proven that every female is born with the urge to put makeup on boys, and it's very unhealthy for them to try to stifle this need.
(I made that up. But seriously, there are lots of women out there who would get a kick out of helping you.)
You can always get professional help, too - go to the makeup counter at a department store, a beauty shop, contact a Mary Kay rep, whatever. They are awfully expensive, and won't necessarily be better than any other female, but you can count on their availability. Don't worry about them looking down on you, either, they universally love working with guys. Think about it - most guys give them only contempt for their job, then along comes a guy who stands in awe of their powers, and provides an interesting change to their day as well.
3. It may help to do book research. Paula Begoun's books are, I believe, pretty good - Blue Eyeshadow Should Be Illegal and Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me. And just check the bookstore or the library for other beauty books. Maybe even browse the more basic womens' magazines. (Good: Redbook, Seventeen, etc. - basic stuff for real women. Bad: Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan - they'll only tell you about really theatrical looks that often look bad even on models.) There's an online makeup course you could try at FashionStance - I've never tried it myself.

Don't take anything in them as gospel - in fact, you'll need to ignore most of what's written there - but it helps just to get exposed to the ideas. Think of it like learning a foreign language - the more time you spend hanging around, rubbing elbows with foreigners, the better your skills will get, even without you really noticing it.
Most of all, just do it, and have fun!

Details on my makeup (may or may not be helpful to you): I always use undereye concealer (otherwise I have blue zones under my eyes), eyeliner (brown or plum), mascara (black), blush, lipliner and lipstick (various shades). Sometimes I use foundation, sometimes not. Foundation is one thing where it's always worthwhile to buy at a department store so you can check the shade - if it isn't just perfect for your skin color, it's awful. Sometimes I wax or pluck my moustache - everyone says this is supposed to be horribly painful, but it isn't to me. I don't have too much facial hair anyway, although it gets worse every year (woe is me)! A tiny bit of blush on my moustache area sometimes helps, too - cancels out that bluish undertone that comes from (evil icky) hair follicles under the skin.

What can you tell me about hormones?
Putting on a dress made me an endocrinologist? I think not. If you saw how I struggled with the Krebs citric acid cycle in biochem, you'd find someone else to ask.
Speaking of someone else - may I suggest the charming Andrea?

What about herbal hormones?
You're asking a professional chemical engineer. If I knew about any plant substance with truly worthwhile hormonal effects, I'd build a factory and sell you the stuff.

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