----- Here's a review (not by me) of a book that may interest you. -----

I have just finished reading a great thought provoking book. I recommend it to all of you.


I have read many of the books on (hetrosexual) crossdressing and this one is really is the best, particularly how it relates to our faith. It is over 100 - 8 1/2 x 11 pages and will be absorbing reading for many hours. Vanessa had written a booklet several years ago that was instrumental in my coming to terms with my crossdressing, and my ability to talk with my long time SO about it. She writes quite well.

Some people might get bored or turned off reading the first two or three chapters which set the tone for the book, but the remainder of the book discusses faith in Christ, love and the problems of the formal religous institutions with reguard to the transgendered. These last few chapters, as well as the author's personal in-depth story makes it all worthwhile. Vanessa's story mirrors many of our own stories (including mine), only the names and dates were changed.

Do read it.

Publisher is Sullivan Press, div of AEGIS, Box 33724, Decatur, GA 30033.

It can be quickly obtained there, I suppose, or from the on-line ordering service of JoAnn Roberts; go to the Creative Design book service (first on the list of the shopping mall).

"Yield, spirits of grief, for the Master of my joys, Jesus, has entered in. For those that love God even their troubles must be pure bliss. If I now endure scorn and mockery, still thou art, even in suffering, Jesu, my joy!"

J. S. Bach

With love,


Also available by Vanessa Sheridan: The Cross & The Crossdresser - available from CDS

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