How do I reconcile crossdressing with Christianity?

I can't "reconcile" them. In order for there to be reconciliation, there must first be a conflict, and I know of no such conflict!

The only reasons I've heard to consider crossdressing sinful (I've been collecting them from all comers for over two years) are, quite simply, wrong. I invite you to examine them yourself.

1. "Isn't that forbidden in the Bible?"

You're thinking of Deuteronomy 22:5; please click here.

2. "It's erotic/sexual"

3. "But crossdressing is... weird!"

Agreed; but so is drinking God's blood, wouldn't you say?

Put into words, this sentiment amounts to "If people don't like it, God doesn't like it", or "The will of the bulk of society is an accurate gauge of the will of God".

It's an interesting theology, but it's utterly incompatible with the Bible.

It is too common, all too common, to think of God as a part of our culture, to define righteousness by the rules and assumptions of the humans around us. In Jesus' day, the people who did this were called "Pharisees". Jesus had pretty strong opinions about them, you may remember.

Our ways are not His ways, our prejudices are not His, our cultural taboos are not His. We won't find God by heeding the will of the world we live in. We'll find God when we hear His voice, calling us out from every land, every people, every culture, to be His people, in a fellowship that makes all our boundaries of culture and custom vanish into insignificance.

...a word of Caution

The Flesh (closely related)

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***Indirect objections***

(I fail to articulate why I label these 'indirect'. Hopefully you will see what I mean.)


How can you witness...

Don't make your brother stumble.

I Cor 6:9 - "Effeminate"

With all these extensive explanations, I may strike you as absurdly defensive... sorry, I'm trying to make this page useful to a large number of people, which means addressing a wide variety of ideas, and addressing them thoroughly enough to make the point to many different minds that think in many different ways.

If you know of more reasons people object, please tell me! I think I am grounded quite firmly on the Bible here, but I am as human as the next person, and entirely capable of being wrong. And I want to be able to address all the concerns people may bring.

Most of all, whether or not you agree with me, PLEASE keep hold on God with all your might! In the end, all else shall pass away, but God endures. Let your faith endure as well.

Go forth in the peace and the JOY of the Lord!

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