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Webring art by Terry Robins

The TG Christians WebRing is a webring for those of us transgendered people who are lucky enough to have Christ in our lives. It's intended as a tool for fellowship, so that you'll never again have to wonder if there are any others out there.

By "transgender", we're using the word in its broad sense - including crossdressers, transsexuals, transgenderists, and so forth. The ring is open to our spouses, friends, etc., too.

The pages in the ring don't have to have any specific content about the members' faith - in fact, I'd kind of prefer it if most of the pages aren't full of heavy-duty theology. (Hypocritical of me, since that's half of my page's content...) Think of it as the sort of informal fellowship you get when wandering around church after the service.

A clarification for those of you who have heard of the "tg-christians" mailing list: The webring and the mailing list aren't actually related - you can belong to one or the other or both. Hope the re-use of the tg-christians name isn't too confusing!

The peace of Christ be with you!
-Jade Catherine

I want to Thank Jade and everyone on the tgchristians for their help. Jade reciently asked if others could help take over some of the workload she was experiencing. So this is one way in which I believe I can help out. Please be patient. I am not a experienced Web Mistress. But I luckily do have one nearby. As my daughter is very computer literate... So if anyone has any suggestions or changes made to their entry on the webring, please send them to me.... and again, Thanks to all you wonderful people on TGChristians.
Here is a link to my humble home page..

-Martha Montgomery

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If, for some reason, you can't use the HTML code that comes in the mail, here's a copy of it. You'll need to replace the "--id--" field with your site number, which you'll need to get from me, and the "Your Name" and "mailto:your_email_address" fields appropriately. Also, if you prefer to design some other button-logo to replace the rainbow-cross-logo I use, you're welcome to!

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