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Would you be interested in a mailing list for transgendered Christians?

TG-Christians is an electronic mailing list of Christians who are transgendered (transsexuals, crossdressers, or whatever.) This list is intended as an instrument of God's love, to bolster each of us in our faith and to be a blessing in our lives in general through fellowship with one another. Non-Christians are welcome, too, just please don't throw eggs at us.

Some frequently asked questions:

What is it?  An organization?  A newsgroup?  A secret society?

It's just a mechanism by which email gets sent to a bunch of people all at once.  That way, you can share your thoughts with roughly 150 fellow Christians at once.
How do I subscribe (or unsubscribe)?
Just send me mail and tell me you want to.
Who can join?
You can.  Click here.


Noone (except the moderator) can see your email address unless you post messages.  If you do post messages and want to do so anonymously, we have a mechanism in place; detailed instructions will be sent to subscribers.
What do you mean "subscribe"?  Does it cost anything?
"Subscribing" just means signing up to get the e-mail.  It doesn't cost anything.
Rules for posting messages

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