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It is probably evident to you that there is much evil in the world and in our own selves. I hope it is also evident to you that the God who created us, and every living thing, is good and loving.

I long for God to do away with evil. The trouble is, I don't want God to do away with me. Oh, I can claim that I have 22% less evil than the average human being, but that's not the point. God wants a perfect world, and He wants us in it; but, as long as we are imperfect, that's a tall order.

I believe that God has solved this paradox. He has not abandoned us. In fact, we are so beloved by God that He would stop at nothing - not even death - to rescue us from the evil we are mired in, to bring us home. We were built in God's image, and He will rebuild us in His image again, if we let Him. To bring this about, God, God's son, came to us and lived among us as a human being, Jesus of Nazareth - lived and died as one of us. He was brought up from death, just as God will bring us up from death, if we let Him.

This is the God who wants you, wants you desperately, the friend who aches to be reunited with you. He has done all He can do to bring about the reunion, now He waits for you to respond.

This is, of course, a very brief sketch. I don't intend to reproduce the huge books that have been written about every aspect of God - I just want to somehow let you see some glimpse of the light of God's love that shines through everything, all the good and evil that fill up our days.

Go in the love and peace of God!

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