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A Christian must be willing to deny self, take up his/her cross, and follow Christ.

Very true! I'm glad that's not a forgotten fact. Choosing to suffer, for the sake of Christ and our fellow human being (really the same motive), is often part of a Christian's life.

I've seen some people use this as a rationale for condemning their own crossdressing. "Because it makes me happy, I should not do it."

Please remember this: Christ did not dangle on that cross for recreational purposes. He was not suffering without purpose, not suffering for the sake of suffering, and not suffering to entertain God. He was making a sacrifice for a VERY good reason.

Choosing to suffer for a reason is Christian. Choosing to suffer out of a sense that God prefers suffering to joy is slandering our God. He called us to make self-giving decisions, not self-hating ones.

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