An informal retreat for transgendered Christians will be held on January 24, 1999 from noon until 7 PM at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Woburn, Massachusetts. This retreat is being coordinated by Ms. Diane Zahn and Ms. Jennifer Jones of the Tiffany Club of New England, a Boston area support group for the transgender community. Meeting space at the hotel for approximately 20 persons is being made available courtesy of the Tiffany Club, which is holding it's annual First Event conference from January 21 until noon January 24 at the Crowne Plaza.

The coordinators have also planned to present a seminar as part of the First Event Saturday program entitled "Transgendered and Christian - Hearing the Good News", drawing upon their own Christian faith experiences. We cordially invite all persons, both Christian and non-Christian, with an interest in this perspective to attend the Saturday seminar, as part of the conference program. We want this session to be an uplifting experience, helping people to actively enrich their lives through faith. Our seminar is intended to offer resources for support and an opportunity for testimony, sharing, and discussion.

For the Sunday session, we welcome all persons interested in a spending a time of sharing, reflection, and fellowship focused on expanding and renewing their Christian faith. We have currently reserved meeting space for approximately 20 persons. We would like to and could potentially accommodate more, and make plans for a simple mid day meal via individual donations, if we have an advance headcount and can provide the hotel sufficient notice. An advance headcount of attendees will also help justify the added meeting room expense for Tiffany Club, which is expanding it's Sunday program to help us. If you would like to confirm attendance at the retreat or would like additional information , you can contact us at

Diane A. Zahn

Surface Mail:

D. A. Zahn

P.O. Box 2176

Monroe, MI 48161


Jennifer Jones


For general information about the First Event conference, schedule, registration fees, hotel accomodations, or other local information, you may contact the Tiffany Club of New England at

Tiffany Club of New England

P.O. Box 71

Waltham, MA 02454-0071

Telephone: 781 891 9325 (answered live Tuesdays 7-10 PM)


or consult the TCNE web site at

We hope to see you soon.


Diane A. Zahn

Jennifer Jones

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