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Many Christian trans-whatever people who have written me have used phrases like, "our problem", "our dilemma", and so forth. Permit me to quibble with the terminology.

Problem? We are dearly beloved children of God, beneficiaries of the most astounding gift that was ever given. We have a problem? Why wasn't I told?

Oh, our transgender nature is a problem? Sorry, I must disagree. I love who I am and what I do. I am different; thank God for that! I get experiences most people never will.

It is true, some of you suffer greatly, because the world we live in does not accept you. In this, the world has a dreadful problem. I pray that its problem will be resolved. Why do you call this problem your own, though? Are you just trying to be Christlike, accepting the burdens of the world?

I probably strike you as flippant, maybe even callous. It's not that; I know many of you go through very hard times. I'm just reminding you that there's nothing wrong with you; there's something wrong with those who reject you. Calling it "your problem" seems, to me, to be blaming yourself. Rather, seek ways to help the world get over its problem of nonacceptance, so it will be able to benefit from the wonderful person you are!

God is not defeated, so neither are we.

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