------TG sites and friends------
(listed, very approximately, from General Interest to My Personal Interest)
TG Forum - the TIME magazine of transgenderism
TGGuide Reference Library
California Dreamin'
International Journal of Transgenderism (scientific)
St. Louis Gender Foundation - some good basic advice
Counselling by Gianna Israel
TS resources: Dr. Anne Lawrence, Hormone Index
antiandrogens 1, 2
hormones without estrogen.
TransParent - newsletter for families
TGS-PFLAG - mailing list for families
Susan's Place - resources and chat (now free)
Julie's Page - heavy stuff, plus fun stuff.
Kerri - what a psych text would tell you.
Michelle's Mid Day Break - mostly shallow/fun stuff
Katherine's Wardrobe - mostly deep/soulful
Shortcut to Michelle's live chat
Other chats
Joan - good references, unusually well-organized
Robin Leigh

TG-Christians - some of my very favorite sites (and people) are in here...

Kimmy Stevens - small site with well-chosen, fun links
Elaine Hatfield
Jessica, my fellow Davisite (Davisette?)
Danielle the poet
Lynette, the Canadienne with flair
Misty Blue, legend of LA
------Random interesting sites------
Egghead auction
privatei - internet services
What's New Too! - general new page list
WWW Yellow Pages
Crisis links - abuse resources, etc.
Samaritians - suicide counseling
WhoWhere? - finds people
Southwest Airlines
my own MapQuest
Brownflowr: poetry
BMG music
------Remedial education: Quit laughing!------
------Nobody taught me this stuff when I was little!------
Homearts online magazines
Salon Selectives hair advice
Cover Girl
No Nonsense
Meg's page
St. Ives
CDS's Fun to visit
Liquid Electrolysis (?)
------my nerd tools------
Citation check
UCD library account status
UCD directories
grad studies documents
lab safety - UCD CHMS
American Chemical Society
I'll be presenting...
Mailing list management
Jobs in Minnesota
Lynn(you don't know her)
Esperanto webring

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