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TG-Christians - some of my very favorite sites (and people) are in here...
for a wide audience
TG Forum - the TIME magazine of transgenderism
California Dreamin'
Michelle's Mid Day Break
International Journal of Transgenderism (scientific)
collections of resources
TG Forum's reference library
 Resources by Julie
good organization
Susan's Place comprehensive!
generation X(dress)
Misty Blue, legend of LA
Danielle the poet
Lynette, the Canadienne with flair
Jessica, my fellow Davisite (Davisette?)
 Lesley - too pretty
serious advice
St. Louis Gender Foundation - some good basic advice
Counselling by Gianna Israel
TransParent - newsletter for families
TGS-PFLAG - mailing list for families
medical information
Dr. Anne Lawrence
Hormone Index 
antiandrogen link 1
antiandrogen link 2 
some personal pages
Kimmy Stevens - small site with well-chosen, fun links
Katherine's Wardrobe - mostly deep/soulful
Elaine Hatfield
personal stories
Kerri, a crossdresser
Robin Leigh, a transsexual
remedial education
Homearts online magazines EstroNet
St. Ives Salon Selectives  CDS's Fun to visit
No Nonsense Meg's page
Macy's Clothestime Cover Girl
Revlon Clinique L'oreal
Liquid Electrolysis (?)
What's New Too! - general new page list
WWW Yellow Pages
WhoWhere? - finds people
my own MapQuest
Southwest Airlines
BMG music
general advice
Crisis links - abuse resources, etc.
Samaritians - suicide counseling
Brownflowr: poetry
Nrrd tools
UCD directories UCD library account status
grad studies documents
Mailing list management
lab safety - UCD CHMS
American Chemical Society
I gave a presentation...
Jobs in Minnesota
Lynn(you don't know her)
Esperanto webring