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" My Journey To Womanhood "

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Hello, my name is "Jeri". I have been a Transgender male to female for forty years. I am five feet eleven inches tall. I currently wear a size sixteen tall. I don't use a wig. I like the fact that everything about me is genuine. My Breasts are in developement, and it's too early to say if I will have augmentation done. I don't believe so at this time. Follow me on my Journey,and see where I go as I achieve total womanhood.

I am currently a Pre-op m 2 f, and I am looking forward to Gender Reassignment Surgery. I have had a feminine apearence, as long as I can remember. Though at times I have tried to cover up my feminine side, it was apearant, I was always meant to be Female.
I am greatly looking forward to the day when I finally have my Female Genitalia.

If you are interested in more information about me, you can find my "Biography" on page two. It is a condenced version, only because I will be adding more as I Journey into total Womanhood. Thank you for allowing me to introdce my self.

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" What is TransGendered ? "

The term TransGenderd refers to feeling an inherent gender mismatch between ones body and soul. It commonly covers a multitude of variations and degrees, and may lead to socially and physiologically adopting the gender role opposite to ones birth. Whatever the cause it remains a lifelong condition, and cannot be "cured" by any known therapy. The term Trans Genderd covers persons dealing with ( Gender Identity Disorder ) or Gender Dysphoria.

Where can I locate a Competent and Ethical Doctor?----Are there Support Groups for The TransGendered?----Can a Christian go through Sexual Reassignment Surgery?----What about Hormones?----Am I too old for the Transition?----How do I know if I'm Transgendered?----What will my family say?----How do I tell everyone,"or come out?"----What actually Happens dureing Sexual Reassignment Surgery?

light_bullet Answer and Resource Link 1 "Coming Out Christian"

light_bullet Answer and Resource Link 2" Transgender Help by Phone from Ormewood Park Counseling Center"

light_bullet Answer and Resource Link 3 "Sex Reassignment Surgery"

light_bullet Answer and Resource Link 4 "Take The COGIATI. Created by Jennifer Diane Reitz"

light_bullet Answer and Resource Link 5 "Transexual Womens Resources"

light_bullet Answer and Resource Link 6"A Word About SRS With Dr. Eugene Schrang"

light_bullet Answer and Resource Link 7"Harry Benjamin Gender Dysphoria Association"s Standard of Care"

light_bullet Answer and Resource Link 8"The Room for the Wrongly Gender-assigned"

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