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What's missing here?

Reading through all these pages, you might get the impression that Christ is all about rating behaviors as "sinful" or "not sinful". Spend too much time arguing about whether some activity is OK, and we can start to think as if all Christ is to us is a code of behavior.

But anybody can give us a code of behavior. Moralists are always putting forth their codes of behavior, apparently hoping that, by just the right set of words, they'll be able to command evil to come out of the human soul. Good luck, guys. Of course, there is much more to our savior Christ than that.

We have all gone astray; we have all allowed evil to lodge in our hearts; we have all fallen short of God's glory; we are all trapped in sin - until God sets us free. And that is what worshipping Christ is all about. Not a debating contest to figure out who's sinful and who's not, but a celebration of the overwhelming love of God that rescues us from all our sin. Christ is the grace of God.

Don't misunderstand. We all must strive to avoid sin wherever we can; it's a natural part of being God's people. And don't think that I'm saying CDing is an "acceptable sin"; it's not a sin at all. I just don't want this website, this question of "sinful" or "not sinful", to become a distraction from the real message...

the message that changes the world and changes souls the way nothing ever has: the message of grace, of forgiveness, of the wonderful, healing sacrifice of Christ.

Oh... and what exactly does "Grace" mean anyway?

Praise God!

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