Maybe I'm just a radical. I hear from people who discuss their struggle to understand God's will. If only they knew what He wanted! If only He would make it clear to them! They live in anguish, wishing desperately to know. Am I the only one who thinks this an odd thing to wonder? God wants us to do good and to avoid evil. The question of His will is not separate from the question of good and evil. God is not arbitrary, not capricious. Is this a meaningless answer? I don't think so. We have an instinctive understanding of good and evil - not perfect, no, but pretty useful. I think we get into trouble when we try to make things more complicated than this. I think that sometimes people go crazy trying to figure out God's will when the answer is right in front of us. We know it isn't evil to wear a dress, but we're looking for "God's will", something cold, abstract, arbitrary. We keep beating the bush for "God's will", and is it any surprise we never find it this way? We've walked right past it. Sometimes there are worse consequences. Countless horrible evils have been done in the name of God, all because people convinced themselves, through some theological dance or another, that God's will was more than just a matter of good or evil. Rule of thumb: God's the good guy. Use it to double-check all your theology.
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