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Glory to God in the highest,

and peace to all people on earth!

"You're a Christian and a crossdresser?"

Thou hadst better believe it!

---By me---

  • An e-mail fellowship!

  • Christ in a nutshell

  • Hey! You can't be a crossdressing Christian!

  • D'Eon

  • Transition and salvation

  • Regarding TSs (modified 11/17/96)

  • "Our Problem"

  • My hidden agenda

  • Grace

    ---By other people ---

    Several people have constructed some WONDERFUL pages recently with loads of great new material. Until I get time to organize it all, just browse through their pages (TG Christian Friends).

  • Robyn Shanor - TS, counsellor, and Christian!

  • Terri Main's Emergence

  • Vanessa Sheridan's book on the topic

  • Grace and Lace(Updated 3/22/97)

  • Mharia's Christian Response - excellent!

  • The Plaid's Religion page

  • What Does the Bible REALLY Say about Transsexualism? by Lynn Montgomery

  • Becky Allison

  • Stephanie Michaels

  • Laura's Hope and Help

  • Joan of Arc Ministry to the Transgendered

  • ISGI - Christian intersexuals

    ---Just because I like them:---

  • World Wide Study Bible with commentaries

  • searchable Online Bible

  • Christians for Biblical Equality

  • C. S. Lewis page

  • Wittgenstein's Net - heavy duty theology and apologetics

  • Reasons to Believe - astrophysics + God = nifty.

    I would be delighted to hear from anyone and everyone whatever you have to say about your friend and mine, God the Almighty.

    Your comments are invited!

    The peace of the Lord be with you!

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