I have a confession to make, one that's a little embarassing to my transsexual friends:

I don't get it. I don't understand. Sex change doesn't fit into my idealogy. I don't see the need.

Oh, I can understand many of the secondary reasons people give. I can't tolerate acting the way men are supposed to act, and it's nice when people don't make false assumptions about me because they see a man. But those can be fixed with less drastic measures - simple defiance is enough to take care of the former.

Anyway, those aren't the primary reason people give. They say, "I simply _am_ am woman (or a man). It is my identity, my soul." And that sounds like nonsense to me; you might as well talk about your soul's kidneys or your soul's cholesterol count. Sex is a physical parameter, a characteristic of the body, of the flesh, no more fundamentally meaningful than the birthmark on my arm.

And yet, I'll wear out my keyboard to defend transsexuals from anybody who tries to forbid them from what they believe they need. Why?

I have to recognize that

a) I don't know everything; I could be wrong.

b) Even if I do know everything, some people just won't be able to look at everything the way I do.

The point is not how I feel about transsexualism, but how they do, and how I react to their feeling.

When we see someone who claims to be suffering, how do we respond? "I don't believe you." "Doesn't look so bad to me." "I could take it - why can't you?" "Your malady is not well-defined enough to satisfy me - do not receive treatment." I don't see any of those as Christlike responses. I prefer, "How can I help?"

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