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If you wish to comment on my page, feel free to write me!

I am also eagerly seeking contributions from any and all Christians out there! If you have something I should link to or a testimony I should include, please tell me about it or send it in!

Finally... do you disagree with me?


You're welcome to be a "Devil's Advocate". I am determined not to overlook anything by simple oversight, so I really like to hear from someone who disagrees. I guess I ought to warn you that we may not come to full agreement. I try very hard to be open and non-stubborn, but sometimes my correspondent and I both find our own train of thought quite convincing; what can you do? Communication doesn't always end in agreement, but I'll keep communicating. Also, I've had this page up for about a year and a half and have had hundreds of correspondants, so you'll have to be pretty darn creative to come up with something I've never heard before. :)

So anyway... If you think you can articulate a Biblical reason I should change my tune, please tell me so.

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