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I've devoted a large number of bytes here - probably far more than is really necessary - to the proposition that the various forms of transgenderism are not fundamentally sinful.

But can there ever be a circumstance where a Christian should avoid them anyway?

Of course there can! Any conceivable human activity can, under the wrong circumstances, get between a person and God. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with tiddlywinks, but if your singleminded drive to become World Tiddlywinks Champion causes you to neglect your prayer life and caring for your fellow human beings, it's a problem. And if you become champion, the fabulous wealth, worldly adoration, and influence over impressionable young tiddlywinks groupies might pose a significant temptation. Is tiddlywinks bad? No. But a Christian in this circumstance needs to do something. Give up tiddlywinks? Yes, IF that is the most effective way to center the soul back on God. Keep up tiddlywinks, but change the way you do it? Yes, IF that is the most effective way to center the soul back on God. Whatever it takes. Whatever works.

So I can't say to the individual Christian how he or she should react to transgendered feelings. That is, truly, between you and God, with the aid of the Holy Spirit. Test the spirits - don't let vague feelings of fear ingrained by schoolyard bullies pass for the Holy Spirit. There's nothing worse than human prejudice masquerading as God...

I can't tell you God's will for your life. I hope I've gotten rid of some false ideas spread by the world; that's all I can do. If you still feel there's a problem, come at it with all of your faith and all of your prayers, figure out what to do... and then relax. Quit worrying about it. Whatever you do, keep your trust in Jesus Christ, and everything will work out, whether your decision is right or not. Your willingness is what matters. Keep hold on your faith. I will meet you in the Kingdom of Heaven.

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