Checkered skirt, AR&R Thrift Store, less than $3

Gown, $20, Goodwill, Sacramento, CA
(It was my 24th birthday, we splurged)

Silk top, $1.50, SPCA Thrift Store

Floral dress, $1, SPCA Thrift Store

Sparkly red dress, $2.75, SPCA Thrift Store
(The farmer's tan was free)

Red suit, $4, SPCA Thrift Store
Black flats, $2, SPCA Thrift Store
And, I might add, red business suits came into vogue immediately after my purchace...

Green and black formal gown, $1, SPCA Thrift Store. (Sorry about the silly Mardi Gras mask.)
On the right is Jessica, borrowing my other green formal. That's thrifty, too!

Turtleneck, $1, SPCA Thrift Store
Black knit skirt, $0.50, AR&R Thrift Store

Ribbed top, $0.50, AR&R Thrift Store
It came with an icky little decal, which I covered over with my Starfleet pin

Knit top and denim skirt - both local thrift stores, can't remember details
This was one of several photos taken for an article in the UCD campus newspaper.

Long-sleeved T-shirt, $0.25, SPCA Thrift Store

IAMS Cat Food T-shirt, $0.25, SPCA Thrift Store
Skort, $0.25, SPCA Thrift Store

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