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I'm not a TS myself, so I don't know whether I'm way off base here... but from what I've read of the experience of transition, the analogy to the journey of the soul seems just too close not to be mentioned.

We are born into a world where good and evil are all mixed together, and told from birth "You are children of this world." We are expected to happily live out this role. But we know something is wrong... we are not meant to be what they say we are. Eventually we can put it into words: we are children of Heaven.

Our salvation begins when we "come out of the closet" and stop trying to fit in as children of the world. We assert our real identity as children of Heaven. It's hard, because the world we live in denies it at every step. We delude ourselves, they say. We are mad. Why can't we just adjust to who we really are? If scorn is all we have to endure, we are lucky... some endure violence. But we push on, because we understand what we are meant to be, what we are at the core, and we will not surrender that, and we cannot go back. And as we go on, as we bring the Kingdom of God more and more into our lives, we finally begin to feel that peace, that sense of rightness, that we have always longed for.

And, if we have much further to go in this spiritual transition, we have God to help us on our way... our counsellor, endocrinologist, and surgeon!

Peace be with you,


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