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My hidden agenda

Why have I written up all this material? I generally don't go in for theological debate. If someone's faith is in Jesus Christ, I'm happy; the details are just details. But I will speak out against this error, the belief that we do not belong in the Kingdom of God. I believe that this error causes real damage to God's work in us and in the world.

God is yours for joy, for peace, for glory. Not for shame, anguish, hiding. If you are investing all your spiritual energy in a "conflict" between Christ and CDing that doesn't exist - who is served? God does see and appreciate your desire to serve Him. But, if all your energy is invested in an imaginary conflict, that desire is neutralized. If you let your joy be sapped away, how can you show forth the joy of Christ to a desperate world? If you allow them to take your peace away, how can you bring peace to others? God has work for you to do, work more important than digging holes in a bucket of water. God is not served by pointless anguish.

God wishes joy for His people! "If it feels good, do it" is folly, but so is "if it feels good, it must be a sin". God wants you to be happy. He takes joy in our joy! His people enjoy a million different things, from air hockey to bagpiping, and all their happiness is to His glory. If someone tells us we shouldn't do something, we should pray, study the Bible, think hard on it - and if the reasons don't hold up, get on with being the joyful people He means for us to be!

And, of course, I fear. The world is constantly beckoning, trying to lure us into the disastrous surrender, giving up on God. I fear that this call will be more seductive for those left exhausted and joyless.

But most of all, I hope. I know that many people never seriously consider Christ because they imagine Christ as an artifact of mainstream culture, a culture they have no use for. I hope, I pray, that I - or better yet, you! - can open just one set of eyes, let just one person know that they can fit as badly into this culture as they please but Christ still has a place waiting for them.

I am convinced - nobody is served by this error. Nobody on our side, anyway... I think Screwtape & Co. get some milage out of it...

Most of all, agree with me, disagree with me, whatever you feel: go in peace, and may God bless you abundantly!

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